Free relocation advice for Germany.

Get recommendations for free German bank accounts, best and cheapest health insurance, best energy and internet providers for your new apartment – all for free.

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About Me

Hi, I'm Georg! Born in Berlin, Germany – and since 2014 I run my blog , where I write how to live well off a low budget in Berlin. I've researched the

But then I noticed: Many of my readers need some more advice, have a little question – or they simply don't move to Berlin, but to Hamburg, Munich or another place in Germany. So I thought: Let's get in touch with you, allow you to send me your specific questions about your situation.

How It Works


You fill out the form below

Enter your email address and tell me what you need:

  • a German bank account (private, business, student)
  • German health insurance
  • providers for your new apartment (electricity, Internet, gas)
  • a German SIM card for your mobile phone

I reply to you

Based on your enquiry, I will reply to your specific questions. Besides, I will research the most suitable offers for you. I will prefer offers that

  • have English support
  • are cheap or even free
  • do not bind you for too long (prefer short-term contracts)

We fill out the signup forms together

Some of the offers are very simple to order – the N26 bank account signup for instance works completely in English. Others provide only German signup forms, like all of the electricity providers.

With my help, you can fill out these signup forms – you can also ask me if something is not clear there.


Why is it free?

I can offer this service for free because I get paid via Affiliate Marketing. How this works: Whenever I send a new customer to a bank, health insurance company or energy provider, they pay me a commission.

Just like a real estate agent – only that it's not you who is paying me but the other side.

And no worries: You pay the same price and not more than you would without my recommendation. Compare the offers and their prices if you want.

Contact me

Fill out the form and tell me what you need

Open the contact form in a new page.

After submitting

I receive your message and start researching the most suitable offers.

For some services I might need more details, so I might send a message with another questions first.

On average, I will reply to your message within 12 hours.

If things are not clear you can of course ask me, too.